…this is the music business not working in a bank Joseph Keevill, the Man behind Saytek Live, sparked controversy recently on his Facebook Page with his comments on demo submission and the responses of record labels. Joseph said “Loads of people take this stuff and themselves far too seriously this is the music business not […]

A long debated question, but do you really need drugs to enjoy dance music? Drugs and dance music are somewhat linked and mixmag recently asked some of its readers what they though on the subject. Well, its conlusive, you dont need drugs to enjoy music.  What do you think?  

Whilst most House Artists choose to work on their own, why do Pop Artists turn to Writers and Producers? As the old saying goes… ‘Many hands make light work’. Take a look at the video below to take an insight into how such an amazing artist made 2017’s biggest track! Video Credit: New York Times […]

Wrapping up 2017 with my favourite tracks from the year gone by, combining tracks from established producers & new stars on the scene – LeeRoy Fitz

We’ve been lucky enough to have DJ & Producer, LeeRoy Fitz, give us first look at one of his latest tracks, Tell Me. LeeRoy say’s… Seeing as it’s Christmas & it’s a time of giving, I’m giving away one of my secret weapons that has been doing damage across the Captials dancefloors.

As we approach the end of the year, its time to pull together my Top Ten tracks of 2017. This years top spot doesnt take it for most featured, but for most loved. This track and its producers have been nominated and won numerous awards in 2017,  and needs no further introduction.  

Music labels and publishers have spent much of 2017 wondering what Facebook’s plans were for licensing music. Today the social network announced its first major-label licensing deal, with Universal Music Group. To find out more, head over to Music Ally to find out more.

This Monday catch us on Funky SX at 8PM, where TDG’s Diason has invited us on his weekly show to talk about what we’ve got in store for Room 2 at Glamoween. In addition to this, this Wednesday we’re pulling together the Soceity Sessions DJs who are appearing at Glamoween, for a Warmup Session in […]

Two Weeks to go… …until we Takeover one of the rooms at Glamoween. Along with Too Damn Glamn and Funky SX, we’ll be hosting Room 2 of Zero 6, where we’ll be playing a mixer of dark down and dirty deep house, techno and progressive house. Zero Nightclub (Room 2) (Hosted by Society Sessions) Takeover […]

As times change, so do the latest trends; but are nightclubs falling out of fashion? Using Southend as our example; over the past 2-3  years, we’ve seen numerous nightclubs shut down and bars change into eaterys. For clubbers and music lovers facing an ever-decreasing pool of venues to go to, there’s just one question – […]

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